Update on Progress - additional funding received

We are pleased to confirm that in August we were successful in obtaining further grant funding amounting to £7,400 inc VAT. This has enabled the Steering Group to continue to work on the plan and they are now beginning to produce the various appendices and supporting documents that are needed.

An area that we are to revisit is whether we need to develop a strategy and policy for sustainable energy. Several Neighbourhood Plans have these, and one plan has successfully had accepted a raised standard of insulation, above that currently required, for their new build properties.

A small working group has spent some time in analysing a number of Neighbourhood Plans that have been both approved and rejected by the Independent Examiner (these are employed by West Dorset District Council to review submitted plans prior to the referendum process which enables the community to decide if a plan should be adopted or not), the intention being to come up with a check list against which to mark our developing plan. This will, hopefully, prevent later problems at the final submission stage!

Our Draft Consultation Statement has also now been produced. This document is required by the legislation and provides evidence that the Community are both being kept informed about, and involved with, the production of the Neighbourhood Plan. Work on this will be ongoing as it will be updated as the NP progresses to completion.

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