Progress report and help with mapping

Right now the Steering Group and subgroup leaders are reviewing the detail of the plan and its various sections. This is to make sure that the different sections don’t overlap, and are consistent with each other. And, even more important is to make sure the plan complies with National Policy and West Dorset’s Local Plan. Talking to other Neighbourhood Planners in other villages and towns this is fairly normal and although we have our consultant to help it is, we have to admit, very much a learning curve for us.

However, a pre-submission working draft is ready. We would stress the “working draft” element and we are reviewing the draft objectives and policies following the comments made in the recent community consultation. We will also need to add the results of our recent “Call for Sites” exercise once the work with regard to this is ready.

Having previously sought volunteers to help with local photographs, we are waiting for better weather(!) so that we can get started with the task of illustrating the Plan.

We also now need help with producing the necessary maps and whilst we will be approaching our volunteers, if you do have experience in this field, and have some time available, we would love to hear from you.

You can contact us at and there is more information on the Plan at and on the Parish Website and don’t forget you can find us on Facebook –

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