November Update: Questionnaire Feedback

Thank you to everyone who completed the recent questionnaire (and to those who delivered it!) – we had a 35% return which is above average and considered very good by people who know about these things. We are now analysing the results but generally we appear to be on the right course with the Vision and the objectives that underpin this.

A common query was why 2036 was decided upon as the end date when the original statement indicated 2031? The reason for this is that West Dorset District Council is undertaking a review of their Local Plan and are working on the premise of housing supply until the new latter date. We therefore felt that it was both sensible and practicable to bring the Vision for the Yetminster & Ryme Intrinseca Plan area into line with this – we perhaps should have explained this in the questionnaire but we felt we were a bit limited for space.

We hope to be able to publish a summary of the results at the end of November.

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